Globe and PayPal tie up

This certainly looks very promising. I have been a longtime user of both PayPal and Gcash and a tie up between the two is certainly a great news not only for virtual assistants but also for most online sellers. I’m looking forward to its official launch and I would certainly be one of the first […]


Some beginner VA tips – getting paid 1

Please note that this is applicable to Philippine based VA only. I am a VA and I thought of sharing some information that may help my fellow Pinay/Pinoy VAs. I just joined a local virtual assistant network and as I took a more active part in the community instead of just lurking around, I got… Continue reading Some beginner VA tips – getting paid 1

Here we go again!

This is probably the nth time I've started a blog. If I were to collect all the blogs I've started with all the posts I've written, I would have a blog now with a decent number of contents. I'm still debating whether I should import them over or leave them where they are. This time around, I'll see this to the very end. See you on the next one!